David K. Evans David K. Evans is professor emeritus of anthropology at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he founded the Overseas Research Center in 1967. In his retirement he continues to take students annually to the island of Roatán off the north coast of Honduras in the western Caribbean. For forty-three years Dr. Evans has conducted research on Roatán and now divides his time between Winston-Salem and La Casa Promesa, his family's island home.

Praise for Evans' first novel, The Judas Bird:

From: Becky A. Dayhuff -The Caribbean

"David Evans has done a fine job with character development. The people of The Judas Bird are so very much like the real-life residents of Roatán. Mr. Evans obviously loves the Roatánians, and that love is exemplified in his descriptions of every day island life, as well as the history of those who came centuries ago and left a little of themselves. The pirates, buccaneers, Indians, Spanish, English, Scots, and slaves who melded into today's islanders are also central to The Judas Bird's plot. It is a rousing adventure story, a love story, and an historical novel all rolled into one."

From: Catherine McCabe -Travel Writer

"What a wonderful story Evans tells in The Judas Bird! His book weaves a tale chock full of intrigue, imagery, and beautifully done dialog, especially when he writes in the local dialect. The Judas Bird perfectly captures life on Roatán."

From: Ron Thompson

"David Evans has written an intriguing new novel that interweaves history, love and deception in the western Caribbean. His characters seem real and rich. The Judas Bird is a tightly-crafted, yet carefree read as well as a beautiful lesson on what happens when paradise comes up against modern greed. This new novel focuses upon the island of Roatán, and picks up where Herman Wouk's Don't Stop the Carnival leaves off."

From: Anne Gilmore -Museum of Anthropology, Wake Forest University

"As an avid reader of mystery and historical fiction, I was hooked soon after I began this novel. The story has it all; including delightful characters and an insightful view of the culture of the people of Roatán Island. Well-researched accounts of pirates, buried treasure and intrigue are smoothly blended with ancient legends, mystery, and romance. The Judas Bird is highly recommended to those who will enjoy exciting adventure neatly mixed with colorful accounts of the past and present of a small Caribbean island. This truly is a "Must Read"! You will be left wanting more!"

You can email the author at dkevans@wfu.edu. His homepage can be found at www.wfu.edu/~dkevans.

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